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Announcement for 2018 1st “Donglu Youth Scholar Forum & Job Fair” of Yunnan University

I. Qualifications

Delegates should under the age of 40, and meet one of the following conditions:

1. Domestic or overseas excellent Youth Talents who have acquired a Doctoral Degree from a well-known university either at home or abroad, and have received achievements in related fields.

2. Winner of "Thousand Youth Talents Plan", "Distinguished Youth of Yangtze River", Candidates for "Outstanding Young Talents", "Outstanding Youth", or excellent Young Scholars with high-level.

3. Young talents who have intention to apply for "2018 Thousand Youth Talents Plan" through Yunnan University and meet the qualifications of "Thousand Youth Talents Plan" by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC.

4. Young talents who have intention to work at Yunnan University or do research at our Post-doctoral Research Center.

II. Time

(1) 8th June, 2018 Registration

(2) 9th June, 2018 Morning: Keynote Seminar Afternoon: Panel Seminar

(3) 10th June, 2018 Panel Seminar, Talent Fair

III. Registration

1. Full information can be found here:

2. Deadline: Register before 10th May, 2018.

The university will send you an invitation letter after receiving your application form.

IV. Fees

Yunnan University will cover four days’ hotel accommodations, local transportation and meals for all delegates from 8th June to 11th June, 2018, and will also reimburse you for round trip ticket fees. (Reimburse according to your actual spending fees, overseas delegates no more than 20,000 RMB per person, domestics delegates no more than 5,000 RMB per person).

V. Talent Treatment and Provisions

1. National Supporting ("Thousand Youth Talents Plan"): Scientific Research Funds: 1 Million to 3 Million RMB yuan, One-time Subsidy of 500,000 RMB yuan.

2. Local Supporting: selected into "High-level Talents Thousand Plan" of Yunnan Province, Project Supporting Funds of high-level Talents is up to 5 Million RMB yuan for an individual, up to 30 Million RMB yuan for a group. Meanwhile will be subsidized according to the National Government’s Subsidy Standard.

3. According to " Talents Introduction Implementation Measures of Yunnan University ", we will provide high-level talents with:

1) One-time Housing subsidy: 2 Million RMB yuan;

2) Annual Salary: no less than 0.6 Million RMB yuan;

3) Scientific Research Funds: Agreed upon the characteristics of disciplines and research plans,

Experimental Science or Engineering: no less than 8 Million RMB yuan; Non-experimental Science or Humanities & Social Science: no less than 2 Million RMB yuan.

4) Spouse who is eligible for the transferring requirements could be transferred and arranged to work at Yunnan University;

5) Children could be provided with high-quality educational resources from kindergarten to high school.

VI、Contact Information

1.Contact Information of Yunnan University:

Division of Personnel

Contact Person: Mrs. Zhong



2. Contact Information of Department of Geophysics:
Contact Person: Dr. Kui Liu
Email: kuiliu.vt<at>
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