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Started: 2018-04-16 21:42:05
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Lynn Elms
2018-04-16 21:42:05
To Users of the ISC Bulletin data (1964-1979):

From April 16, 2018 and for the next 10-14 days, we shall be gradually
updating the main ISC database and its mirrors by substituting the old
ISC Bulletin data with the Rebuilt ISC Bulletin during 1964-1979 period. We
shall be updating one data month at a time. During this time, user
searches outside the above named data period will remain unaffected.
Relevant warnings are given throughout the ISC website.

In case there is a need in the future, we shall keep the old ISC
Bulletin available from the ftp-site as flat files in FFB and ISF formats.

The ISC Bulletin Rebuild is an additional ISC project intendedto clean
up the original bulletin, add previously missing data from both
permanent and temporay networks, re-compute the original ISC locations
and magnitudes with current procedure, ak135 velocity model and the
multitude of reported seismic phases.

Apologies for this temporary inconvenience,

ISC Team

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