Thread: Mendenhall Positions at USGS Menlo Park on ground motion in earthquake early warning

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*Reminder: We are still accepting applications for 2-3
USGS Mendenhall Postdoc positions in Menlo Park. Application period is
until May 14, 2018. Applicants are strongly encouraged to get in touch with
us to discuss possible projects and proposals early in the process. *
*S27. Quantification and validation of earthquake ground motions in early
warning applications*
*2-3 positions available in Menlo Park, CA*

< general
application information:
< Position closes May 14, 2018.*
The USGS along with a coalition of State and university partners is
developing and testing the ShakeAlert earthquake early warning (EEW) system
for the west coast of the United States. We seek several Mendenhall
Scholars to investigate and/or develop new ground-motion estimation and
evaluation methods for EEW through one of three avenues, which may also be
combined together in a symbiotic research proposal: 1. Assessment of
expected ground motion: assess or develop GMPEs for use in EEW that most
efficiently utilize the limited information available in real-time. 2.
Verification of early warning algorithms: develop appropriate benchmarks
and performance metrics, test the system against those metrics, validate
existing suites of synthetic waveforms to use for verification, or develop
additional suites of earthquake scenarios and new techniques for generating
synthetic waveforms. 3. Ground-motion based alert methods (that is, methods
that predict ground-motion directly from observations without estimating
earthquake source parameters): determine feasibility of this type of alert
for the ShakeAlert system and potential improvements in alerting. The
postdoctoral researcher should have strong technical skills in earthquake
seismology or engineering seismology associated with the proposed work and
a desire to contribute to the ShakeAlert project; prior research experience
with EEW is not necessary. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact
the advisors early in the application process to discuss project ideas and
how they fit into the larger framework of ShakeAlert.

*Research Advisor(s)*: Annemarie Baltay, (650) 329-4759, abaltay<at>;
Sarah Minson, (650) 329-4879, sminson<at>; Brad Aagaard, (650) 329-4789
, baagaard<at>; Andy Barbour, (650) 329-4803, abarbour<at>;
Jessica Murray, (650) 329-4864, jrmurray<at>; Thomas Hanks, (650)
329-5634, thanks<at>

Annemarie Baltay, PhD
US Geological Survey Menlo Park
345 Middlefield Road CA, 94025 | MS 977
abaltay<at> office: (650) 329-4759

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