Thread: Cygwin patches for sac2000 builds

Started: 2007-11-10 21:49:52
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George Helffrich
2007-11-10 21:49:52
Dear All -

After iterating with Andy Wuestefeld on these, I have Cygwin patches
against the current CVS for a workable build. It is not perfect
because the build actually fails while building libedit, but will
succeed if restarted. Why this occurs exceeds Andy's knowledge and my
own of Cygwin.

All of the build problems arise in libedit. I think that with an
automake/autoconf configuration step, sac2000 could simply look at the
build platform and omit libedit if an equivalent was available --
readline should be if a platform has a Bourne shell. I suspect Cygwin
is one -- but don't know -- so this problem should go away if a
configuration step were adopted.

The real annoyance is that a file or folder called 'aux' isn't allowed
by Windows. Thus the distributed source code (see patch to
renames it to 'taraux'. When built, the directory is renamed to 'aux'
or 'winaux' as appropriate to the platform, and when installed has a
usable name.

Patches attached, and I plan to commit them if there are no
objections. A Cygwin fix for the libedit build hiccough would be

George Helffrich

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