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2009-04-01 08:57:46
Dear Mohamed Kamaleldin Abdel Galeil Salah

if you know the pole-zeros then you have to multiply the constant of the
digitizer with the constant of the recording instrument and possibly with

Agalos Apostolos Phd student of Seismology - University of Athens
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Subject: [SAC-HELP] Poles and Zeros
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Dear SAC users

I am working on data from a list of seismic stations which have
different types of sensors: CMG-40, CMG-3T-120s, CMG-3ESP, STS-1, and
STS-2. I need to remove the instrument response from SAC files. I
could get information on Poles and Zeros data. However, I could not
find enough information about the normalizing factor and hence, how to
calculate the CONSTANT value.
If any one has information about the CONSTANT of these sensor types, I
will appreciate it!


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