Thread: post-doctoral fellowship in seismological analysis of seismic anisotropy - ERC-StG grant NEWTON (#758199)

Started: 2018-04-20 13:57:13
Last activity: 2018-04-20 13:57:13
Institution: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Bologna, Italy
Open Until: 2018-07-15

Dear colleagues,
the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV-Bologna, Italy) and the Department of Geosciences (University of Padova, Italy) are opening a post-doctoral fellowship in seismological analysis of seismic anisotropy in the frame of the ERC-StG grant NEWTON (#758199).

Research focuses on the analysis of seismological data recorded in Italy and surrounding regions (permanent and temporary stations, e.g. AlpArray data) to measure seismic anisotropy and splitting intensity. Several methods will be applied and others may be developed, allowing the identification of layered or dipping anisotropy distribution. All measurements will be collected and used to test the mantle structure and elastic properties around generic subduction zones.

The successful applicant will work in close collaboration with seismologists at INGV-Bologna, but will collaborate also with the geodynamic group based at University of Padova as well as with a network of scientists that will actively collaborate on the project.
The candidates should hold a PhD in Geophysics-Seismology and should have experience in seismic data processing and analysis, preferably with seismic anisotropy analysis.

The successful candidate is expected to work in both independent and collaborative group environments and to be self-motivated to accomplish the research goals. The gross salary is 26.000 €/year.

For information, please contact Silvia Pondrelli (silvia.pondrelli<at> or Simone Salimbeni (simone.salimbeni<at>
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