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Dear Colleagues,

(apologies for multiple postings)

The exciting new position of Associate Director of the WDS International
Technology Office (WDS-ITO) is open for applications until *13 May 2018*.
The position is for a 3-year term and based at Ocean Network's Canada
(ONC: WDS Regular Member) hosted at the University of Victoria, Canada.

- Applications should be made on the HR Portal of the University of

*Job Description:*
Under the oversight of the WDS Scientific Committee and in close
coordination with the WDS International Program Office, the Associate
Director of the WDS-ITO will work closely with the ONC Director of User
Engagement, the three Canadian WDS members of the consortium, key
stakeholders such as Research Data Canada and researchers to deliver on the
WDS-ITO mandate to:

- Set-up, operate and manage the contribution of the WDS-ITO to the ICSU-
WDS operational systems that form part of the Global Research Data
Infrastructure (GRDI).
- Coordinate the development and integration of GRDI components with
other stakeholders: DataCite/re3data, ORCID, science publishers, and
international programmes such as the Group on Earth Observations and
ICSU programmes such as Future Earth.
- Host a Trusted Brokering Service on behalf of the GRDI community.
- Coordinate ICSU-WDS contribution to technical working groups in
organizations such as the Research Data Alliance.
- Work in concert with ICSU-WDS partners including the OECD, the Belmont
Forum and others on policy and funding focus formulation, development of
technical concepts, technical guidance, promotion of standards, and
identification of sustainability gaps in the GRDI.

More information on the position is available in the attached file.

More information on the WDS-IPO can be found here: https://www.icsu-wds.

Very best wishes.
Mustapha Mokrane

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