Thread: Open meeting at SSA on State and Regional Earthquake Centers

Started: 2018-04-30 21:42:42
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*Special Interest Group: Articulating the Mission of State and Regional
Earthquake Centers*
Tuesday, May 15, 6:00–7:00 PM, in the Tuttle Room

We invite participation in this brief meeting from anyone interested in the
capabilities and future directions of state and regional earthquake
facilities. The meeting will build on the content of the all-day Tuesday
technical session *Regional Seismic Network Approaches and Stakeholder
Collaborations*. By identifying common themes across organizations, our
goal is to help articulate the importance and common directions of these
facilities. The exact outcomes will be determined by the attendees, but
potential directions include summary publications, organized advocacy, and
frameworks for closer collaboration. While the emphasis of this meeting is
on U.S. organizations, we welcome the experience and input of international
colleagues. We encourage you to lend your voice.

Light food will be served.

Conveners: Michael West, Kristine Pankow, Margaret Hellweg, and Aaron

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