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Started: 2018-05-19 23:19:54
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Sergei Lebedev
2018-05-19 23:19:54
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that submissions are now open to
“Polar Region Geosystems,” a new Theme in the journal
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G-cubed):

A G-cubed Theme is like a special issue, except that every
paper is published without delay, as soon as it is accepted
and typeset, following G-cubed speedy review process.
Past G-cubed Themes have been successful in bringing together
and highlighting state-of-the-art research on an important
topic. (The Themes are now also referred to as G-cubed Special
Collections or Special Sections.) The “Polar Region Geosystems”
runs for two years, with submissions currently open until
1 May, 2020.

We invite papers on the Arctic, Antarctica and their surroundings
from all disciplines of geochemistry, geophysics and geosystems,
with topics ranging from the structure and dynamics of the
lithosphere and underlying mantle to tectonics and crustal
dynamics, nature and origins of intra- and inter-plate volcanism,
and ice-sheet dynamics, among others. Submissions will undergo
normal external peer review, and the accepted manuscripts will
be up to G-cubed usual high standards: technically solid, of
broad interest and with a focus on understanding the Earth as
a system. We expect this Theme/Special Collection to become a
focal point for important new papers in Polar research.

We hope you will consider submitting your new results to G-cubed
“Polar Region Geosystems” and would appreciate your bringing
this new Theme/Special Collection to the attention of other
workers in the field.

Best regards,

Sergei Lebedev,
on behalf of the Organizers:

Fausto Ferraccioli (British Antarctic Survey)
Carmen Gaina (University of Oslo; CEED)
John Goodge (University of Minnesota)
Sergei Lebedev (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Douglas Wiens (Washington University)

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