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Dear attendees of the 2018 IRIS Workshop:

Please consider attending a Special Interest Group meeting on EarthScope synthesis.

Wednesday, June 13th from 5-6pm in the Taos room

Title: Contribute to EarthScope’s Finale

Conveners: Jeff Freymueller and Carl Tape

Aim: to discuss synthesis opportunities for EarthScope science

Description: As EarthScope draws to a close in 2019, the EarthScope National Office (ESNO) will be working with researchers over the next year to synthesize and document EarthScope accomplishments, showcasing the wealth of scientific work inspired by the program. We have supported six workshops for community-driven synthesis of EarthScope research. These cross-disciplinary workshops encourage researchers to create a multifaceted view of EarthScope findings for each topic. There will be three new synthesis workshops this year: Midcontinent Rift, San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth, and Wyoming Craton. Apply now to participate in these workshops. The ESNO has applied for two EarthScope sessions at the American Association for the Advancement of Science 2019 conference, focused on Synthesis Workshop topics. Broaden the impact of your research! There are several opportunities ESNO offers to spotlight research as well as compile legacy documentation of EarthScope. Put your research on the map by contributing your project summary to the ESNO signature outreach product: an online interactive map of “science nuggets” showcasing EarthScope-funded projects ( EarthScope’s success is due to the active involvement and inquiring minds of the Earth science community—help us celebrate your contributions.

Carl Tape
Associate Professor
Geophysical Institute (office 413D)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Phone: 907-474-5456
Email: ctape<at>

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