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2018-06-18 19:10:11
We are pleased to announce the release of IRIS EMC’s visualization plugins for ParaView® ( on macOS® and Linux® platforms. ParaView is an open-source data analysis and visualization application and these plugins extend and expand its functionality so that it could be used for 3D visualization of the EMC and other netCDF 3 Earth models along with other auxiliary Earth data.

These plugins are based on a suite of Python programmable filters/sources that add the following functionalities to ParaView:

Read and plot 2D & 3D Earth models from netCDF-3 files:
EMC model files ( see and
your own netCDF-3 models files
Display USGS Slab 1.0 models (
Display surface elevation using NOAA ETOPO5 elevation data
Draw Boundaries:
very low-resolution, low-resolution or intermediate resolution coastlines
national, US states and Canadian provinces
present-day plates (divergent, transform or convergent margins)
your own GeoCSV ( boundary or other line-data files
Plot Volcano Locations:
plot location of volcanoes using WOVOdat location data (World Organization of Volcano Observatories ,
plot location of volcanoes or other point-data using your own GeoCSV files
Plot Earthquake Locations:
plot earthquake locations based on the USGS event service
plot earthquake locations based on your local GeoCSV earthquake location file
Draws latitude/longitude grid lines
For sample images and a video, visit:
This package is available from the IRIS GitHub repository:
IRIS DMC Data Products team welcomes patches and enhancements to the above bundle.

Thank you,
IRIS DMC Data Products
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