Thread: AGU Fall Meeting 2018: V044. Volcano Seismology and Acoustics: Recent Advances in Understanding Volcanic Processes

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Dear colleagues,

While preparing your abstracts for this year's AGU Fall Meeting, we invite
you to consider our session about using seismic and acoustic data to study
volcanic processes.

*Session ID:* 44116
*Session Title:* V044. Volcano Seismology and Acoustics: Recent Advances in
Understanding Volcanic Processes
*Section/Focus Group: *Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology

Alexandra Iezzi, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Diana Roman, Carnegie Institution for Science Washington
Weston Thelen, USGS, Cascade Volcano Observatory
Benoit Taisne, Earth Observatory of Singapore

*Session Details:*

*Session Description:*
Volcanic eruptions may involve a variety of hazardous phenomena
including ash plumes, gas emissions, explosions, pyroclastic flows, lava
flows, and lahars. Mass wasting may also occur during periods of volcanic
quiescence. All of these phenomena produce seismic and infrasound signals
that may provide key real-time information on hazardous surface phenomena.
We can also gain insights into volcanic hazards by tracking subsurface
processes such as magma and hydrothermal fluid migration using volcano
Recent advances in analysis and interpretation of seismic and
acoustic data facilitate a precise characterization and quantification of
the physical processes leading to and producing hazardous volcanic
phenomena. However, volcano seismology and acoustics remains an emerging
area of research.
We welcome submissions that explore new seismic and acoustic
observations, interpretations, models, instrumentation, or techniques that
further our understanding of volcanic processes and potentially aid future
monitoring efforts.

The deadline for all submissions is *Wednesday, 1 August 23:59 EDT*. In
case of any questions, please contact Alex Iezzi (amiezzi<at>

We look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.,

Alex, Diana, Wes, and Benoit

Alex Iezzi
PhD Candidate | Graduate Research Assistant
Geophysical Institute | University of Alaska Fairbanks
2156 Koyukuk Drive - PO Box 757320
Fairbanks, AK 99775
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