Thread: Site Characterization Using Single Station and Array methods

Started: 2018-06-21 19:48:14
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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting your work to the session *Site Characterization
Using Single Station and Array methods**, *in the Seismology Section of the
2018 AGU Fall meeting to be held in December 1-14 in Washington D.C.
The full session description is below. Note that the deadline for abstract
submission is August 1st.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Francisco Sánchez Sesma, Zack Spica and Francisco Luzón

*Session ID: 46442*

Session Title:
Site Characterization Using Single Station and Array methods
Session Description:
Shallow subsurface characterization is a necessary step towards mitigating
natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, instable rock slopes, or
non-linear site behavior. Such characterization requires knowledge of the
geomechanical properties of the stratigraphy at a site, which can be
challenging to obtain. Over the last few decades, the ambient seismic field
has emerged as a valuable tool for site characterization. When these
techniques are complemented by controlled source signals, the frequency
band of measurements is broadened. In this session, we invite abstract
related to site characterization using single-station (e.g.
horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio, ellipticity estimation, transfer
functions) or array methods involving single- or multi-component data
processing for passive and/or active sources (e.g. frequency-wavenumber,
spatial autocorelation, Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves).
Applications in aqueous environments or using vertical arrays are
encouraged as well as theoretical advances for faster computation of 1D
layered models in settings with important lateral irregularity.

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