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Stephanie James
2018-06-21 20:51:12
*Dear Colleagues: *
We would like to draw your attention to the AGU 2018 session “Advances and
Revelations from Geophysical Exploration and Observation in the
Cryosphere.” This session will bring together both basic and applied
research on the frozen earth (permafrost, ice, snow, etc.) using a wide
variety of geophysical methods and is co-organized between Near-Surface
Geophysics, Cryospheric Sciences and Seismology sections. We hope you will
submit an abstract, and share this announcement with interested colleagues.
As a reminder, the deadline for all submissions is *Wednesday, 1 August
23:59 EDT.*

*Abstract submission information:*

Thank you,
Stephanie James [USGS]
Dan McGrath [Colorado State University]
Atsuhiro Muto [Temple University]
Andy Parsekian [University of Wyoming]

*Session ID: *49032
*Session Title:* [NS001] Advances and Revelations from Geophysical
Exploration and Observation in the Cryosphere
*Session Description:* High-elevation and high-latitude regions of our
planet are responding rapidly to a changing climate, causing substantial
impacts to Earth processes at all spatiotemporal scales. Many of the most
pressing cryospheric research questions involve processes and/or structures
in the interior or at the base of frozen Earth materials, and are therefore
difficult to study directly. Advancements in instrumentation and processing
approaches are rapidly improving our abilities to measure and understand
glacier ice, sea ice, snow, and permafrost processes. In this session, we
seek submissions related to a broad range of ground and airborne
geophysical methods (e.g. ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity,
nuclear magnetic resonance, electromagnetic, seismic, gravity etc.) applied
to solve cryospheric problems. Studies aimed at the characterization,
detection, and/or monitoring of cold region environments using geophysical
field and/or modeling methodologies are welcome. Multidisciplinary topics,
innovative approaches, and research combining geophysical methods with
geomodels are particularly encouraged.
Stephanie James, PhD.
NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow

U.S. Geological Survey
Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center
Denver CO 80225
303-236-1405 (O)

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