Thread: AGU Session V027: Interdisciplinary Characterization of Volcanic Explosion Source Dynamics

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention to the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting Session entitled, “Interdisciplinary Characterization of Volcanic Explosion Source Dynamics”. We invite contributions that explore this topic from a variety of perspectives. Please see below for more information.

V027: Interdisciplinary Characterization of Volcanic Explosion Source Dynamics
Forecasting the onset and hazards of volcanic eruptions requires an integrated understanding of precursory activity, source dynamics, and impact of erupted products. A quantitative understanding of explosion source dynamics and their associated geophysical observations is key to advancing understanding of more complex and hazardous volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions range from discrete, impulsive, low-intensity explosions (strombolian) to large, sustained, plinian eruptions. Specific source dynamics vary by eruption style and location. Strombolian and Vulcanian explosions produce a variety of signals that can provide insight into specific source dynamics.

We encourage contributions investigating volcanic explosion source dynamics from various approaches such as physics-based modeling, analogue experiments, field observations, and theory. Analyses using geophysical instrumentation (seismic, infrasound, high-speed imagery, gas data, radar, deformation, etc.) are welcome. We also invite contributions using chemical explosions as a proxy for volcanoes.

Session Conveners: Kathleen McKee (kfmckee<at><kfmckee<at>>), Sarah Albert (salber<at><salber<at>>), Benjamin James Andrews (andrewsb<at><andrewsb<at>>), and Maurizio Ripepe (maurizio.ripepe<at><maurizio.ripepe<at>>)

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