Thread: 2018 AGU Session: "Oceanic Lithosphere: Structure and Evolution from Creation to Destruction"

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to encourage submission to the AGU 2018 session “*Oceanic
Lithosphere: Structure and Evolution from Creation to Destruction*”. The
aim of this session is to explore what we know about the variability in
oceanic crust and lithosphere both in space and over time using a range of
geophysical, geochemical and geodynamic methods. Please see below for the
full session description and information.
*Invited Speakers:*
Jim Gaherty (LDEO)
Maxim Ballmer (ETH Zurich)

Adrian Doran (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Jennifer Harding , University of Texas at Austin)
Zhitu Ma, Brown University)

*The deadline for submitting abstracts is August 1.*

*Session ID: *47286
*Session Title:* T032. Oceanic Lithosphere: Structure and Evolution from
Creation to Destruction

*Session Description:*
The oceanic lithosphere, the rigid plate covering 70% of the Earth's
surface, controls a broad range of surface and deep-Earth processes,
including heat flow and energy transfer at small and large scales. Our
understanding of this region has been historically limited due to its
vastness and the difficulty of data collection, but recent advances in
analysis and instrumentation warrant examining new perspectives on the
oceanic lithosphere. We invite new science focusing on the magnitude and
wavelength of heterogeneity of oceanic lithosphere in space and time from a
diverse range of disciplines, including but not limited to geodynamic
modeling, petrology & mineralogy, seismology, and electromagnetic methods .
We also encourage submissions pertaining to the accretion of oceanic crust
at spreading centers, hotspots, continental margins, fracture zones,
volcanoes, thermal properties, and subduction zones.

Adrian Doran, Jennifer Harding, and Zhitu Ma

*Jennifer Harding*
*PhD Candidate *
*University of Texas at Austin*
*Institute for Geophysics*
*ROC 3.226*

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