Thread: AGU Session: The Influence of Fault Zone Structure on Plate Boundary Tectonics and Earthquakes

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Dear Colleagues,

We encourage you to submit an abstract to the following 2018 AGU Fall Meeting session:

T048: The Influence of Fault Zone Structure on Plate Boundary Tectonics and Earthquakes

This session highlights studies of effects of fault zone properties on crustal deformation across plate boundaries. Probabilistic-hazard models of fully coupled faults in uniform elastic models may overestimate expected earthquakes. In southern California; paleoseismic and historical data indicate a 160 year long hiatus in great earthquakes along the major plate-boundary faults. Factors affecting hazard model performance include insufficient characterization of transient slip, creep, slip triggering, and fault zone damage asymmetry. These factors may arise in part because the crust is not purely elastic, and compliant material can serve to relieve stress aseismically. Differences in seismic velocities of crustal materials and complexities in fault geometry can control rupture propagation direction and rupture across segment boundaries that could cascade into larger events. This session welcomes studies that use geodetic, geologic, and seismic data along with modeling results to illuminate spatial and temporal patterns of plate boundary deformation.

Andrea Donnellan, JPL
Yehuda Ben-Zion, USC
Ramón Arrowsmith, ASU
Stephen DeLong, USGS

The deadline for submitting abstracts is August 1, 2018

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