Thread: T038: Shallow subduction zone structure and dynamics

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Hongfeng Yang
2018-07-10 22:03:13
Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting abstracts to the below session at the 2018
AGU Fall Meeting:

T038: Shallow subduction zone structure and dynamics

Subduction zones play a key role in transporting and cycling earth
material, as well as in earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic hazard. Recent
investigations of the incoming plate, shallow subduction zone, and
megathrust using near-field observations, samples, and high-resolution
images have led to new insights into subduction zone dynamics. In this
session we solicit contributions on all studies relevant to subduction
zone dynamics from earthquake seismology, geodesy, geodynamics,
geochemistry, numerical modeling, and seafloor sampling and drilling.
Topics include but are not limited to, the rupture process and cycles of
megathrust earthquakes,compositional variations of incoming plates,
forearc to backarc structures, relationship between structural
variations with outer-rise and megathrust earthquakes, thermal and
hydro-mechanical properties of the oceanic and overriding plates, and
the controlling factors of tectonic forces acting on the megathrust.

Invited speakers:

Laura Wallace, GNS

Xiang Gao, Institute of Oceanology, CAS


Hongfeng Yang, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Douglas Wiens, Washington University in Saint Louis

Shuichi Kodaira, JAMSTEC

Yan Hu, University of Science and Technology of China

Assistant Professor
Earth System Science Programme
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, NT, Hong Kong

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