Thread: AGU session T035: Seafloor Geodesy — Measuring Deformation of the Seabed

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Dear Colleagues,

We hope the following 2018 AGU session is of interest to you and other
colleagues and look forward to contributions. Thank you.

*T035: Seafloor Geodesy — Measuring Deformation of the Seabed*

Seafloor geodetic methods allow for measuring crustal deformation over
Earth’s vast areas that are covered by water, and therefore inaccessible to
standard geodetic techniques. Over the last decade, remarkable
technological progress has been made to increase the precision and scales
of observations, while improving the reliability and cost effectiveness of
the instrumentation. Unquestionably, seafloor geodetic measurements will
continue to significantly advance our understanding of the motion and
deformation of oceanic tectonic plates, earthquake processes in subduction
zones, and the deformation of submarine volcanoes and spreading centers.
Moreover, non-tectonic targets such as slope stability, underwater mass
movements, extraction of hydrocarbons, and the sequestration of CO2 into
the ocean floor can be monitored. We invite abstracts that highlight
seafloor geodetic (e.g. GPS/A, differential bathymetry, seafloor pressure,
acoustic ranging, seismometry, gravity, tilt, and strain) measurement
systems, data processing methods, observational results, and modeling

*Session Link*

Martin Heesemann, Ocean Networks Canada
Kelin Wang, Geological Survey of Canada
Yusaka Ohta, Tohoku University
Matthew Cook, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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