Thread: T044: Synthesis: Knowns and Unknowns of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

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Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting abstracts to the following session at the 2018
AGU Fall Meeting:

*T044: Synthesis: Knowns and Unknowns of the Cascadia Subduction Zone*


*Session Description: *The Cascadia subduction zone is a global end-member
warm-slab subduction zone and exhibits along-strike variations in
subduction parameters (e.g., incoming plate age) and mechanical behavior
(e.g., seismogenesis), serving as a unique natural laboratory to
investigate a range of subduction zone processes, including tsunamigenic
megathrust earthquakes, episodic tremor and slip, and arc volcanism. As
these processes pose natural hazards, understanding their underlying causes
is critical to natural hazard mitigation. The recent influx of offshore and
onshore geophysical, geochemical, and geological data provides new
opportunities to evaluate the entire Cascadia subduction zone in a coherent
and consistent manner at various length and time scales. This session aims
to synthesize recent findings and outstanding questions about this
subduction system and the processes that occur within. We invite
contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including
(paleo)seismology, earthquake mechanics, geodesy, magnetotellurics,
geochemistry, petrology, volcanology, structural geology, rock mechanics,
and geodynamics.

*Invited Speakers:*Anne Pommier (UCSD)
Amy Williamson (University of Oregon)

*Conveners:*Helen Janiszewski (DTM, Carnegie Institution for Science)
Wenyuan Fan (WHOI)
Ikuko Wada (University of Minnesota)
Caroline Seyler (McGill University)



Helen A. Janiszewski

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept. of Terrestrial Magnetism
Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington DC

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