Thread: AGU Session: The Varied Roles of Aqueous Fluids Near the Subduction Interface

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Dear All,

Please consider submitting and AGU abstract to Tectonophysics *T051:
The Varied Roles of Aqueous Fluids Near the Subduction Interface*

Cross listed with *Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology, Seismology and
Mineral and Rock Physics*

*Invited speakers: *Roland Burgmann (UC-Berkeley) and Emily Cooperdock

*Session Description:*
Along the subduction plate interface, water influences the rheological and
geophysical properties as well as the rates and products of metamorphic
reactions. Recent geologic and seismic studies demonstrate that strong
feedbacks exist between the fluid-mediated chemical and petrologic
evolution of the rock, deformation processes that control fault slip
behavior, and geophysical signals we use to interpret physical conditions
at depth. Fluid distribution and flux are thought to vary with depth and
the permeability structure near the plate interface. These fluids are
proposed to control episodic tremor-and-slip, dehydration-induced
seismicity, serpentinization of the mantle wedge, overriding plate
alteration, and the 4-D evolution in interface bulk-rock compositions,
active deformation mechanisms, and rock strength. We invite contributions
addressing the varied influence of aqueous fluids near the subduction
interface from across the Earth science community including, but not
limited to: experimental studies, geodynamics, petrology/geochemistry,
structural geology, and geophysics.

Submit your abstract *here*

Hope to see you all in DC in December.

Cailey B. Condit, MIT
Besim Dragovic, Boise State
Jonathan R. Delph, Rice University
Melodie E. French, Rice University

Jonathan R. Delph
Wiess Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Rice University

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