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Francesca Silverii
2018-07-12 20:05:45
Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session “Hydrogeophysics from Local to Global Scales” at the next AGU Fall Meeting (Washington D.C., 10-14 Dec 2018).

Please note that the abstract submission deadline is the August 1st.

Session ID: 51336

Session Title: G014. Hydrogeophysics from Local to Global Scales

Session details:

Session Description:
Modern geodetic techniques are able to accurately measure ground displacements at very different spatial and temporal scales and have revealed the capability of detecting transient signals from non-tectonic origins such as non-tidal oceanic loading, continental hydrology, ice, snow, anthropogenic activity and atmospheric pressure. These observations provide an unprecedented contribution to the understanding of global- and regional-scale mass redistribution and aquifer dynamics, and allow for monitoring of soil moisture and snow depth beyond traditional point measurements. Similarly, recent advances in environmental seismology provide new methods to non-invasively analyze dynamic fluvial or glacial systems over large areas. We encourage contributions describing new observations and models of hydrological processes in different kinds of geophysical datasets, from ground based sensors to satellite platforms, as well as analysis advances that improve the extraction of non-tectonic signals and their distinction from tectonic ones.

Francesca Silverii
Ronni Grapenthin
Kristel Chanard
Christopher Johnson

Please don't hesitate to contact the conveners for any questions.

On behalf of the conveners,

Francesca Silverii

Francesca Silverii (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego
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