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AMENDMENT # 1 TO CALL 007 Announcement to BAA-RVKV-2014-0001

Representatives of the Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Program and the AFRL/RV contracting office will host a "virtual industry day" on Wednesday 8 August from 10:00 am to 11:00 am MDT. You are invited to join us by calling 505 853-6630.

If you plan to participate then prior to that day please provide the following information via email to the Contracting Officer and Contract Specialist named below:
(1) Full Name of the Company; Address; CAGE#; DUNNS#; Large or Small Business (SDB, WOB; SDVOB;, etc); DCMA ACOs or ONR ACOs, and DCAA POCs full address; e-mail(s); Phone numbers, etc., and DHHS POC information.
(2) Name of the Company's Participant in the Industry Day with mailing address; Phone number, and e-mail(s) After that day, please provide the participant information for any additional individuals from the company. Offerors are encouraged to have at least one Contracting POC attend.

The purpose of the of the virtual industry day is to ensure that potential offerors in response to Call 007 to BAA-RVKV-2014-0001 are informed about specific issues related to this call, including:

(1) A proposal may describe an initial task followed by other tasks that depend on the outcome of the first task:
- a) For each task, the proposal should include a SOW, deliverables, cost, and period of performance.
- b) AFRL may choose to fund the first task and defer funding decisions for dependent tasks until later.
- c) The complete performance period for all tasks is limited to 84 months.

(2) Call language about uncertainty of scientific outcomes permits the addition of work to a contract by mutual agreement:
- a) Additional work would have to be within the scope of the original contract.
- b) If work is to be added, AFRL would request a proposal for additional work.
- c) If AFRL positively evaluates a requested proposal for additional work, the existing contract would be modified to increase the funding ceiling and extend the performance period.
- d) The complete performance period for all tasks is limited to 84 months.

(3) If a single organization (company or university) envisions several independent projects:
- a) A separate proposal should be submitted for each envisioned project.
- b) If AFRL positively evaluates more than one proposal from a single organization, AFRL may negotiate a single contract for all of the projects, with a Principal Investigator(s), SOW, deliverables, cost ceiling, and period of performance for each project.
- c) AFRL may choose to fund some of the projects and defer funding decisions about other projects until later.
- d) The complete performance period for all tasks on all projects is limited to 84 months.

In addition, participants may submit advanced written questions. All written questions shall be submitted on Company Letterhead, no exceptions, which clearly show the "Question(s)" being asked and space for an "Answer(s)", and signed off by management. Multiple questions within a "Question" should be separated out as much as possible in order for the government to be able to respond to a Question(s). The company submitting the questions needs to tell the government in writing whether or not any Questions submitted by the company (Offeror) are proprietary and can OR cannot be published on FedBizOps for all potential offerors to consider for developing proposals to meet the government's technical requirements per the CALL.
The suggested Question & Answer for Written Advance Questions is:
A. Company XYZ, Question # 1:
-Answer to Question # 1:
B. Company XYZ, Question # 2:
-Answer to Question # 2:
Please submit all Questions via email to both the technical and contracting POCs named below.

NOTE! AFRL will not have any Face-To-Face discussions prior to the submission of proposals, but oral questions are allowed by telephone at any time before the first proposal is received by AFRL.

The technical POCs for this Call are Dr Raymond Willemann (raymond.willemann<at>, 505 853-4333), Lt Stephen Baxter (stephen.baxter.7<at>, 505 853-3104), and Dr Frederick Schult (frederick.schult<at>, 505 846-6101).

The contracting POCs for this CALL are Contract Specialist Mr Travis Sartele (travis.sartele.1<at>, 505 846-0938) and Contracting Officer Mr Francis M. Eggert (Francis.Eggert<at>, 505 846-7603)

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