Thread: SAC---strange seismograph

Started: 2018-09-25 22:25:02
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2018-09-25 22:25:02

I got the SAC software a few months ago. Thank you.

I am a seismic student in an institute( from China. My name is Alen.

I encountered a confusion that when plotting SAC using PPK command, the seismograph looks strange, there should not have this kind peak data because each sample time we only have one sample data, if the seismograph looks like this,it must require more than two smaples in one sample time to draw a vertical line.

The data sample interval is 2ms.

Time series data.

Binary format. The attached seismograph begins from 52573 s.

I have no idea about this.

Can you help me?

Thank you!


16:56:48 v.f0c1234e