Thread: new MUSTANG Databrowser improvements

Started: 2018-09-27 22:44:41
Last activity: 2018-09-27 22:44:41
2018-09-27 22:44:41
New additions and improvements to the Mustang Databrowser are now available at The changes include:

- PDF, PDF noise-mode-timeseries, and seismic trace plots now have the option to plot by channel set. If the requested channel is from a three-component instrument and ‘channel set’ is selected, the databrowser will return plots for all three channels.

- Metric timeseries and seismic trace plots now have an option to scale by channel set. If the plot option ‘channel set’ is selected, choosing ‘scale by channel set’ will scale the y-axis limits of all three plots identically based on the largest values of the three components.

- The network boxplot channel list now includes all available channels for the network, instead of being limited to the channels for the last selected station.

- The network boxplot ‘plot next’ and ‘plot previous’ buttons now iterate over channels.

- For plot types other than network boxplots, the ‘plot next’ and ‘plot previous’ buttons do not proceed to the next network when they exhaust the station list. Instead, they return to the beginning/end of the station list for the selected network (except when a virtual network is selected).

- Improved seismic trace plotting.

- Other minor bug fixes.

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