Thread: Early SSA Session Announcement (Emerging Science from the EarthScope Transportable Array in Alaska and Western Canada)

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to an upcoming session at the 2019 Seismological Society of America’s Annual Meeting (April 23-26). Additional announcements will follow.

Session Conveners
Natalia A. Ruppert, University of Alaska Fairbanks (naruppert<at>
Kevin M. Ward, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (kevin.ward<at>
Meghan S. Miller, The Australian National University (meghan.miller<at>

Emerging Science from the EarthScope Transportable Array in Alaska and Western Canada

The USArray Transportable Array deployment in Alaska and Western Canada was completed in the fall of 2017 with 194 telemetered broadband seismic and infrasound expected to collect data though the summer of 2020. This unprecedented systematic broadband coverage of the entirety of continental Alaska and far northwestern Canada provides the seismological community with a dataset intended to help illuminate long-standing questions and aid in new discoveries. The diverse tectonic environment of Alaska and northwest Canada provides a world-class setting for investigating seismicity, plate boundaries, distributed intraplate deformation, subduction, active volcanism, infrasound phenomena and a myriad of other Earth processes. This session welcomes emerging studies using all or part of this new community asset to investigate structures ranging from the crust to core, active tectonics, local, regional and teleseismic earthquakes or other elastic wave sources and seismic wave propagation.

Session Conveners

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