Thread: Induced seismicity session at 2019 GSA Joint Section Meeting

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Dear colleagues,
Please consider submitting an abstract to our induced seismicity session at the GSA Joint Section Meeting ( in Manhattan, KS (March 25-27, 2019). The abstract deadline is fast approaching (December 4):
T3. Injection-Induced Seismicity in the U.S. Midcontinent: Where Are We after a Decade?
Cosponsored by GSA Continental Scientific Drilling Division, GSA Energy Geology Division, GSA Hydrogeology Division, GSA Geology and Society Division.
Tandis Bidgoli, University of Missouri-Columbia; Jacob Walter, Oklahoma Geological Survey.
The unprecedented increase in earthquakes in the U.S. midcontinent since 2009 has spurred a decade’s worth of geological and geophysical research into injection activity and seismicity. This session focuses on progress made in understanding earthquake hazards, physics of causation, reservoir-scale modeling, and forecasting earthquake nucleation toward mitigating future damaging earthquakes.

Jake Walter, Ph.D.
Geophysicist/State Seismologist
Oklahoma Geological Survey
University of Oklahoma
Office: 405-325-8497

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