Thread: 3D visualizations of Alaska Subduction Zone Geometry

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Jadamec, Margarete
2018-12-04 05:42:22
Dear Colleagues,

Here are three virtual explorations of Wadati-Benioff zone geometry for the Alaska subduction zone (Jadamec et al., Earth and Space Science, 2018). Zooming into the Earth starts at about 30 seconds into the movies.




Article citation:

Jadamec, M. A., O. Kreylos, B. Chang, K. M. Fischer, and B. M. Yikilmaz. A Visual Survey of Global Slab Geometries with ShowEarthModel and Implications for a Three-dimensional Subduction Paradigm. Earth and Space Science, vol. 5, 18 pp. doi:10.1002/2017EA000349, 2018. Video download for full 16 movie collection: Video stream:

In addition, here are two virtual voyages through the laterally variable Pacific and North American plate thermal structure designed for 3D geodynamic modeling of the region, based on a synthesis of observations.

Movie of 3D model of geographically referenced thermal structure with slow zooming (Haynie and Jadamec, Tectonics, 2017):

Movie of 3D geodynamic modeling results with audio explaining the interaction with the Pacific and North American structure (Jadamec et al., Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2013):

Slab E115 (from Jadamec and Billen, 2010) can be downloaded here:



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