Thread: SSA 2019 Session Announcement: Building, Using, and Validating 3D Geophysical Models

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Dear Colleagues,
Please join us in Seattle, 23–26 April, 2019 for the SSA Annual Meeting and
consider participating in the session entitled "*Building, Using, and
Validating 3D Geophysical Models*" (description below). Abstracts are due
by 11 January, 2019. Please see
for additional meeting details.

Session description:
Geophysical models, such as 3-D geologic and seismic velocity models, are
needed in three and sometimes four dimensions for a host of applications
from predicting earthquake ground motions to locating natural resources to
planning subsurface infrastructure. Many types of observations can be used
to inform geophysical models including geologic mapping, borehole data,
active and passive seismic imaging, potential field observations, and
observations from other direct and indirect methods. Geophysical theory or
empirical models may also be used to solve for missing geophysical
attributes given other related observations, for example, solving for
S-wave velocity and density given the P-wave velocity. Further, some
observations sample distinct locations while others average over volumes of
varying size, and different methods of informed interpolation and
extrapolation may be used to reconcile observations, theory, and empirical
relationships into a single geophysical model. We seek contributions in
which researchers have developed and/or applied methods for reconciling
multiple datasets into a unified geophysical model. Discussion should
address the advantages and disadvantages of various types of datasets and
methods in an effort to improve and validate the next generation of
geophysical models. Applications of geophysical models to improve
assessment of hazard and risk, particularly in novel ways or for novel
applications, are also encouraged.

See you in Seattle!

Oliver Boyd, USGS Golden (olboyd<at>
Bill Stephenson, USGS Golden (wstephens<at>
Brad Aagaard, USGS Menlo Park (baagaard<at>

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