Thread: 2019 SSA Session on Next Generation Earthquake Early Warning Systems: Advances, Innovations and Applications

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Dear Colleagues,

Abstract submissions for the SSA Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington are now open! Please consider submitting an abstract to our session Next Generation Earthquake Early Warning Systems: Advances, Innovations and Applications

Session Description: Recent scientific advances in real-time data processing, source characterization and ground motion prediction shape the future of earthquake early warning (EEW) systems. Machine-learning based techniques take conventional event detection algorithms to the next level by successfully identifying concurrent seismic radiations from multiple sources and reducing the number of false triggers. Integration of real-time seismic and GPS data reduce uncertainties on source characterization by providing additional insights on event magnitude, fault slip and rupture geometry. Ground-motion algorithms that make use of real-time observed amplitudes, regional wave propagation attributes and frequency-dependent site amplification allow for the reliable prediction of shaking intensities. Incorporation of building/facility inventory and associated vulnerabilities allows prediction of where damage potential is high for rapid aftermath response.

This session seeks contributions from the latest advances in the field of earthquake early warning, including (but not limited to):
real-time earthquake location, rupture and ground motion characterization techniques/algorithms;
insights gleaned from multi-disciplinary real-time data sets;
challenges related to complex ruptures and concurrent events;
characterization of prediction uncertainties and risk-oriented probabilistic early warnings;
tsunami potential and early warning at local and global scales;
case studies, testing and performance evaluation of existing systems;
near real-time of damage predictions for post-disaster management.
This session is jointly organized by the Seismological Society of Japan and SSA.

The deadline to submit an abstract is January 11, 2019
For information about the sessions and abstract submissions:
Full meeting information:

Angela I. Chung, Berkeley Seismology Lab (aichung<at> <aichung<at>>)
Emrah Yenier, Nanometrics Incorporated (emrahyenier<at> <emrahyenier<at>>)
Men-Andrin Meier, Caltech (mmeier<at> <mmeier<at>>)
Mark Novakovic, Nanometrics Incorporated (marknovakovic<at> <marknovakovic<at>>)
Mitsuyuki Hoshiba, Japan Meteorological Agency (mhoshiba<at> <mhoshiba<at>>)
Yuki Kodera, Japan Meteorological Agency (y_kodera<at> <y_kodera<at>>)

Dr. Angela Chung
Project Scientist - Earthquake Early Warning
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

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