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Kathy Davenport
2019-01-02 17:58:52
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to encourage you to consider attending the 2019 SSA meeting
in Seattle and submitting to our session "*The Science and Hazards of
Subduction Zones". *

Abstract submission is open until *January 11 2019*.

For information about abstract submissions and the technical program please

*The Science and Hazards of Subduction Zones*

Subduction zones host the Earth’s largest faults and many of its active
volcanoes. Subduction systems also play a central role in the formation and
accretion of continental crust and are responsible for recycling oceanic
crust and volatiles into the mantle. This session explores the latest
multidisciplinary scientific advances in subduction zones around the world,
including their mechanics, structure, evolution and dynamics from the
trench to the backarc. We welcome studies that explore such topics as
seismicity, tremor and deformation transients, including the slip behavior
of faults and tsunami genesis, as well as studies that explore the geologic
signatures of these processes. Below the arc, studies may explore volatile
and magma migration, mantle wedge dynamics and melt production in the lower
The dynamic processes inherent to subduction zones also challenge society’s
prosperity given the potential for natural disasters with broad regional
impacts. These natural disasters are often compound events, as in the case
where large earthquakes can trigger both landslides and tsunamis. The
successful mitigation of these natural hazards requires a thorough
scientific understanding of the underlying processes. Therefore, we also
welcome studies that explore the recurrence, probability, potential impacts
and mitigation strategies of these natural hazards.

*Conveners: *

David Schmidt, University of Washington (dasc<at>

Kathy Davenport, Oregon State University (davenpka<at>

Brendan W. Crowell, University of Washington (crowellb<at>

Kathy, David, and Brendan

Kathy Davenport
Postdoctoral Research Associate
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University

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