Thread: Station Build-out for Earthquake Early Warning (Abstracts due by 1/11!)

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Howdy Colleagues!

Fabia and I would like to invite abstracts for a session on building out
seismic networks.  We are working on EEW-capable networks, but similar
philosophies could be applied to any rapid network expansion.  Full
session description is below.

Abstract submission for the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting
( is available up to 11th
January (one week from Friday!!!) Please join us in Seattle!

*Station Build-out for Earthquake Early Warning*

On the US West Coast, the U.S. Geological Survey and its partner
institutions, University of California, Berkeley, Caltech, the
University of Oregon and the University of Washington are focusing on
completing the build-out of the infrastructure for initial
implementation of ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) in the
United States. Over the next few years, the number of EEW-capable
seismic stations must at least double from today's ~850 contributing
stations. This effort requires planning regarding station density and
type as well as complex logistics including siting, legal and
environmental permitting, equipment specification and delivery. Other
important topics include data quality and latency, continuous monitoring
systems, delivery of alerts and other technical topics. This session
invites contributions from any EEW system operator on all these topics
related to EEW build, including case studies for current and planned
seismic networks as well as new ideas for developing EEW deployments and
collaborations with contributing networks that are novel for their
design or approach in handling these issues.


Mouse Marie Reusch, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (topo<at>
Fabia Terra, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (terra<at>

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