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Zhongwen Zhan
2019-01-03 19:25:48
Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submit abstracts to our SSA session on large intraslab earthquakes.

Large Intraslab Earthquakes

The physical processes associated with intermediate-depth and deep-focus earthquakes are not well understood. However, understanding these events can provide insights into earthquake mechanics, subduction dynamics, mineral physics and mantle thermal structures. In addition, some intermediate-depth earthquakes can pose significant hazards to local communities. Therefore, investigating rupture processes of these earthquakes has both significant intellectual and societal relevance. Recently large intermediate-depth and deep-focus earthquakes have occurred at multiple subduction zones with distinct characteristics, including the 2013 M8.3 Sea of Okhotsk earthquake, the 2015 M7.5 Hindu Kush earthquake, the 2015 M7.8 Bonin Islands earthquake, the 2017 M8.2 Mexico earthquake and the 2018 M8.2 and M7.9 Fiji doublet. The high-quality seismic records of these events provide excellent opportunities to probe kinematic and dynamic processes of these earthquakes, to differentiate their associated physical mechanisms, to investigate geodynamics of different subduction zones and to understand the related seismic hazards. We welcome contributions on all aspects of intra-slab earthquakes, including but not limited to rupture process, foreshocks and aftershocks, dynamic triggering, geodynamic modeling, mineral laboratory experiments and seismic imaging of slabs.

Invited speakers

Douglas Wiens, Washington University
Diego Melgar, University of Oregon


Zhongwen Zhan, California Institute of Technology (zwzhan<at> <zwzhan<at>>)
Wenyuan Fan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (wfan<at> <wfan<at>>)
Linda Warren, Saint Louis University (linda.warren<at> <linda.warren<at>>)

Zhongwen Zhan

Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Seismological Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

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