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Tim Parker
2019-01-03 22:03:18
Dear Colleagues,
Happy New Year! We invite you to submit your geophysical dense array
research to the technical

New Approaches to Geophysical Research Using Dense Mixed Sensor and
Broadband Seismology Arrays

Researchers are deploying complementary geophysical instruments such as
high and low gain seismic velocity sensors, accelerometers, infrasound,
GNSS, MT in dense and sparse arrays along with broadband seismic sensors.
Some of these techniques require longer-term deployments than others and
contributors are encourage to discuss these constraints and tradeoffs when
considering these types of combined instrument observations.

We would encourage session contributors to present their research,
motivation and innovative approaches to geophysical studies using mixed
sensor deployment techniques for Earth and climate science observations
including: broadband and geophone velocity sensors, accelerometers, GNSS,
tilt, pressure and infrasound and magnetotelluric instruments.
Presentations may describe the results, challenges and discoveries of the
multidisciplinary approach to geophysical studies.


Tim Parker, Nanometrics Incorporated (timparker<at>
Ninfa Bennington, Uninfa<at>geology.wisc.eduniversity of Wisconsin–Madison (
ninfa<at> Townsend, Nanometrics Incorporated (

Seattle, WA, USA
23-26 April 2019

The abstract deadline is 11 January. More info can be found at:


Tim Parker
New Business Development Manager, USA
P: +1 613 505 5045 <#SignatureSanitizer_SafeHtmlFilter_>
M: +1 575 520 9110 <#SignatureSanitizer_SafeHtmlFilter_>

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