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Tim Parker
2019-01-04 18:56:54
Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! We invite you to submit your abstract on geophysical
broadband station research to the SSA technical session:

*Exploring Broadband Station Evolution and Standardizing Best Practices of
Broadband Borehole Seismology*

Vendors are actively building and improving new models of lower noise
floor, very broadband seismometers in a variety of form factors. This
session will provide an opportunity to present the evolution, developments,
techniques and research that enables station operators to deploy these new
sensors with outcome certainty, while pursuing the new challenges faced by
geophysical observatories in their multifaceted role, such as stations used
for whole Earth research, plate boundary observatories, earthquake research
and warning, geodetic and human made deformation (tilt).

We are looking for research, best practice updates and results of testing
from the community on how to best deploy and build multi-purpose stations
that should be considered long term critical monitoring infrastructure.

We are looking for contribution on these and other related topics:

- New borehole sensors
- Station design and layout
- Communications
- Resiliency
- Case type, depth and IDs
- Grouting broadband sensors
- Sensor bedding or locking systems
- Additional environmental situational monitoring
- Combined borehole instrumentation, GNSS
- Temp at depths
- Tilt sensors
- Strain sensors
- Mesh net hub stations
- Smart Stations
- Wellhead systems

*Conveners: *

Geoffrey Bainbridge, Nanometrics Incorporated (

Tim Parker, Nanometrics Incorporated (timparker<at>

Seattle, WA, USA

23-26 April 2019

The abstract deadline is 11 January. More info can be found at:

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