Thread: SSA session on central/eastern North America and other intraplate areas

Started: 2019-01-07 18:32:25
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2019-01-07 18:32:25
Happy 2019 everyone--

On behalf of my coconveners, Weisen Shen and Christine Powell, I would like to call your attention to a session at April's Seismological Society of America meeting in Seattle.

"Central and Eastern North America and Intraplate Regions Worldwide" is meant to be home for all things continental interiors.
Intraplate seismicity? Yeah! Crustal and upper mantle imaging? Sure! Geodynamics of cratons? Definitely! Geodesy in slowly deforming regions? Great!
If you've got work away from plate boundaries, we want to hear about it!

Don't dilly dally, though. Abstracts are due this Friday, January 11.

See you in April,
Will, Weisen, and Christine
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