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Dear Colleagues,

Abstract submission for SSA meeting close tomorrow Jan 11 at 5pm Pacific
time. Do you use Social Media or other modern means to communicate science
to the public? If so, please consider submitting an abstract our session:
Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat, Oh My! The Challenges and Successes of
Using Social Media to Communicate Science to the Public.

Session Description:
Social media is becoming a more important component of communicating
science and local hazard information to the public. With the rise of this
new media and the internet of things, scientists now have a more direct
connection to communicate not only science information but also near
real-time information about seismic hazards (e.g. tsunami alerts,
earthquake information). However, this new communication avenue is a
double-edged sword, as the same social media can be used to spread
misinformation or create unrealistic expectations from the public regarding
how and when local hazard information is disseminated. Here we invite
presentations that relate to the use of social media as an education and
outreach tool or as a method to disseminate hazard information including
but not limited to: case studies of using social media to disseminate
emergency information, applications of social media as an education and
outreach tool, challenges and successes in using social media to
communicate with the public and new methods or techniques that aim to
improve interactions on social media.

Elizabeth A. Vanacore, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Seismic
Network (elizabeth.vanacore<at>
Sara K. McBride, U.S. Geological Survey (skmcbride<at>

Hope to see you all in Seattle!

Liz Vanacore

Dra. Elizabeth A Vanacore
Associate Research Professor
Red Sísmica de Puerto Rico
Universidad de Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
Telephone number: 787-833-8433 ext 2239
Email: elizabeth.vanacore<at>

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