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Dear IRIS Early Career Colleagues,

The National Research Council of the National Academies is conducting a
“decadal” study on *Catalyzing Opportunities for Research in the Earth
Sciences* (CORES) for NSF’s Division of Earth Sciences. The purpose of the
CORES study is to: (1) identify a concise set of high-priority scientific
questions for the next decade, (2) assess infrastructure needed to address
these questions, and (3) determine opportunities for greater collaboration
with other NSF divisions and directorate, federal agencies, and domestic
and international partners. The CORES website ( provides more detailed
information on the statement of task for the committee, the membership of
the committee, and how to subscribe to receive updates from the committee.

The CORES committee strongly feels that this study must be informed by
vigorous community input from across the spectrum of the Earth sciences.
They are particularly interested in hearing from early career scientists
including their views on the role of Earth science facilities on their
professional development. Drs. Vedran Lekic (University of Maryland) and
Stefany Sit (University of Illinois, Chicago), have put together a letter
to the chair of the committee informing them of the role of open-access
data, instrumentation, and training provided by IRIS. If you support the
comments made in this letter, we encourage you to add your name to their
document. We also welcome any comments you might have on how the letter
might be improved.

*You can find the letter here:*
*You can add your name to the letter here:*

It only takes a few minutes. We will gather signatures in the next few
weeks to send to the CORES Committee Chair, Dr. James Yoder.

This is your opportunity to provide input to this very important study
which may strongly influence future NSF-funded research in the Earth
sciences. Make your voice heard!

Best wishes!

Dr. Danielle F. Sumy, Project Associate
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
1200 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005

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