Thread: IUGG2019 session: Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System

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S22 - The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System

Dear colleagues: Please consider submitting an abstract to IUGG2019 session S22 - The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System. The deadline is Feb. 18.


Convener: Prakash Kumar (India)

Co-Conveners: Rainer Kind (Germany), Mian Liu (USA)


The nature of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB), initially defined as a mechanical boundary, remains uncertain. Seismological methods, including using surface waves and receiver functions, have yield results in many regions that are complex and subjected to different interpretations, such as the mid-lithospheric discontinuities. Some recent studies suggest that the LAB is a complex transition zone rather than a sharp boundary. A better understanding of the nature of LAB is critical for studying many fundamental geological processes, such as delamination, convective thinning, geochemical differentiation, and destabilization of cratonic roots. We welcome contributions from all fields, including seismology, geochemistry, and geodynamic modeling, that are related to the lithosphere-asthenosphere system.

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