Thread: Mentor Deadline Feb 15, 2019 - IRIS Internship Program

Started: 2019-02-05 23:10:19
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Michael Hubenthal
2019-02-05 23:10:19
Are you looking for a new graduate student?

Have a project that would be ideal for a talented undergraduate?

The IRIS undergraduate internship program is a great place to find talented, highly-motivated undergraduate students eager to explore geophysics opportunities and are seriously considering graduate school. All are ready to benefit from your experience, expertise, network, and and support. Thus, the program is seeking faculty with defined projects to become mentors to work with these undergraduate students!

Find out more about becoming a mentor in the program or apply by visiting or contacting me directly!

Best Wishes,

Michael Hubenthal
Senior Education Specialist
IRIS Education and Outreach
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of seismology & geophysics while inspiring
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