Thread: IUGG2019 Inter-Association Symposium JS06 - Old Data for New Knowledge: Preservation and Utilization of Historical Data in the Geosciences

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Dear Colleagues,

Monday, February 18 is the deadline for abstract submission at the centennial IUGG in Montréal, Canada (July 8-18, 2019)

IASPEI has a long tradition on the recovery, preservation and use of old seismograms and related numerical data for present research. On occasion of the IUGG centennial meeting we want to share and discuss our initiatives with those developed in other fields by the different associations present at the IUGG. New and improved initiatives, methodologies and, at the end, new knowledge should outcome from it.

Thus, we would like to invite you to consider submitting abstracts to the Inter-Association Symposium

JS06 - Old Data for New Knowledge: Preservation and Utilization of Historical Data in the Geosciences, co-sponsored by IASPEI, IAG, IAHS, IAGA, IAMAS, IACS, IAPSO, and IAVCEI.

Studying a changing world needs long series of data. Moreover, reanalysis of old geophysical/geodetic data in the light of our present knowledge has become an important tool for understanding topics such as solar variability, climatic change, tectonics, earth rotation, and extreme natural events (e.g., magnetic storms, hurricanes, rainfall, floods, earthquakes etc.). Those old data are in analogue form and, many times, are contained in unique documents. Historical information may also be retrieved from documentary evidence such as narrative sources and legal-administrative institutional documentation (e.g. chronicles, newspapers, private and official protocols and correspondence, account books, etc.). Techniques and methodologies for preservation, dissemination, interpretation, homogenisation and use of such data, as well as for their present scientific use are important topics for advancing of our understanding of the changing Earth and of past extreme events. Different approaches have been devised to deal with different data and problems. Sharing the already large accumulated experience in the different fields covered by the IUGG shall contribute to improve our preservation and dissemination tools, our analysis methods and, ultimately, to further research results. This symposium welcomes contributions on:

(a) Locating, assessing, preserving, and disseminating historical data about sunspots, polar motion, time and temperature measurements, magnetograms, seismograms, eruptions, glacier extent, tide gauge records, aurorae, flood/drought events and many others and

(b) Methodologies and study cases using these historical data to advance our understanding of the Earth.

Convener: J. Batlló (IASPEI)
Co-Conveners: A. Viglione (IAHS), J. Ádám (IAG), E. Cliver (IAGA), K. Harper (IAMAS), B. Raup (IACS), F. Fetterer (IACS), E. P. Rama Rao (IAPSO), R. Carniel (IAVCEI)

Apologies for cross-posting!

Kind regards,


Josep Batlló
Unitat de Sismologia
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Parc de Montjuïc | E-08038 Barcelona | Spain
josep.batllo<at> | www.icgc.cat

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