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Jeff Freymueller
2019-02-15 02:11:45
The 2019 IUGG meeting will be held in Montreal, Canada from July 8-18. The abstract deadline is coming up soon (Feb 18), and I wanted to draw your attention to one of the many interesting symposia, and encourage you to consider submitting an abstract:


Convener: Lori Kennedy (Canada, IAVCEI/IASPEI)
Co-Conveners: Boris Kaus (Germany, IAVCEI/IASPEI), Jeff Freymueller (USA, IAG/IAVCEI)

Tectonic deformation is often distributed across very broad plate boundary zones, especially in continental crust. However, within these broad zones there are almost always regions of significant strain localization, such that major fault systems accommodate the majority of the total plate motion. Strain localization can be controlled by pre-existing lithospheric weaknesses, plate boundary geometry and applied forces, thermal weakening through volcanism, or a combination of factors. The extent to which strain is localised or distributed has important impacts on long-term tectonics, and on the spatial distribution of earthquake hazards. At depth, the extent of strain localization within the mantle may have important impacts on the earthquake cycle. This session will combine observational, experimental, and theoretical studies using a variety of techniques to address the mechanical properties of the lithosphere and asthenosphere within plate boundary zones, and the processes that relate to localization of strain within the crust and mantle.

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