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Sergei Lebedev
2019-02-16 04:28:35
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw you attention to the multi-disciplinary
symposium on cratons at the 2019 IUGG meeting in Montreal, Canada
(July 8-18). The abstract deadline is Monday, February 18.
We hope to see you there!

JA11 - Cratonic Structure and Dynamics (IAGA, IASPEI)

Cratons record a long history of tectonic events. The result is
a complex, stable collage of lithosphere fragments that can
continue, however, to experience deformation and modification.
Understanding the evolution, composition and structure of cratons
remains a challenge, which includes the details of accretion and
orogenesis, the roles of inherited structures and lithosphere
thinning in past and ongoing deformation, and the mechanisms
of craton construction, modification and stabilization.

This symposium seeks contributions that address structure,
composition, evolution and the dynamic processes that have
shaped cratonic lithosphere based on a range of approaches,
including seismology and electromagnetic methods and other
geophysical methods; geochemistry, petrophysics and geodynamic
modelling. We particularly welcome integrated geophysical
imaging techniques that cross disciplinary boundaries and
those that link lithosphere dynamics with processes occurring
at the Earth’s surface and the deeper mantle.

The Inter-Association Symposia webpage (scroll down to JA11):

Best wishes,

Your Conveners -
Nikolay Palshin (Russia, IAGA)
Ute Weckmann (Germany, IAGA)
Sergei Lebedev (Ireland, IASPEI)
Irina Artemieva (Denmark, ILP)

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