Thread: special session on arrays at the IUGG meeting in Montreal this summer

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Hi Everyone,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our special session on arrays at
the upcoming IUGG meeting in Montreal July 8-18, 2019. It is called S10
-Advances in Array Seismology: Design, Theory and Applications, and it has
a pretty broad mandate:

*We invite abstracts on new developments in the field of array seismology.
Topics of interest include three-component arrays, 3D arrays, non-planar
wavefields, incoherent array processing, multi-array processing, and
methods of detection that capitalize on array data. We welcome studies
focused on all types of seismic and infrasonic sources (earthquakes,
explosions, ocean waves, landslides, rivers, lakes, glaciers, meteors,
etc.), as well as studies focused on imaging Earth structure. We also
accept abstracts that describe new seismic and infrasonic array deployments
and data sets.*
The deadline for abstract submission is very soon, March 1, 2019, so this
will be our last announcement about the session. We hope to see you at the
meeting. I (Keith) have never been to Montreal and am very much looking
forward to it. Also, IUGG meetings are a great place to meet up with
international colleagues that you don’t get to see at regular national

Keith Koper (USA) & Myrto Pirli (Norway)

Keith D. Koper, PhD
Professor in Dept. of Geology & Geophysics
Director of Seismograph Stations
University of Utah

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