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Dear all,

Number of positions for researchers at Geological Survey of Japan, AIST are now open.
One of those is a tenure-track (Type A) or tenured (Type B) researcher position for "Seismological study on rock properties around active faults at depths."
Physics-based quantitative earthquake forecast studies require the structure and material properties of rocks at seismogenic depths. We are seeking a candidate who has experiences and achievements in seismological studies on the Earth interior structure and an ability to reveal the spatial and/or temporal variation in the material properties at seismogenic depths by seismic data analyses.

Type A is a research scientist position on tenure track contract of 5 years (the period of term may be shortened to 4 or 3 years, commensurate with a candidate's career) while Type B is a tenured position normally offered to candidates who have higher achievements and proven management skills. Which position to be offered will be determined in the course of the selection process. A doctoral degree is required at the time of application/hire, or applicants with equivalent proven skills are also welcome.
A tenure-track research scientist is entitled to receive a "tenure review" that will be carried out about 18 months before the tenure expires. S/he will be reviewed over her/his performance and contributions to AIST missions, and performance in her/his term. In the last 5 years, more than a lot of tenure-track research scientists have been qualified.
Monthly base salary will be commensurate with candidates' academic carrier and professional experiences, ranging from JPY 273,500 (before tax). Work responsibility allowance, overtime allowance, commuting allowance, housing allowance and family allowance will be also paid. Annual salary paid to a researcher aged 28 joining AIST after Ph.D. is estimated to be JPY 5,000,000 including bonus (before tax).  

The deadline for the application is 5pm on May 10, 2019 (Japan Standard Time=UTC+9).
The application procedure is shown at

We have more open positions at Geological Survey of Japan:
[Type A /Type B (Tenure-track position /Tenured position)]
IEVG-1 Study on long-term variations in geomorphological and geological systems
IEVG-2 Petrological research on magma-plumbing system of volcanoes
IEVG-3 Seismological study on rock properties around active faults at depths
GEORESENV-1 Research and development on evaluating potential for fuel resources
GEORESENV-2 Research and Development for reasonable utilization of geothermal heat pump Systems
GEORESENV-3 Research on soil and groundwater contamination with consideration of sustainable development
GEORESENV-4 Research on the process of natural gas formation by subsurface microbes
IGG-1 Research on geological mapping and active faults in coastal and offshore area
IGG-2 Research on geophysical exploration and geological structures in offshore area
IGG-3 Geological research and mapping of Japan islands
[Type D (Non tenure-track position based on performance-based pay)]
IEVG-4 Study on active fault evaluation
GEORESENV-5 Research and development on geophysical exploration techniques for underground resources and energy, and geological structure
IGG-4 Research on quality control of optical sensor data
See the detail at

Please feel free to ask us questions on these job opportunities.

Taka Uchide
Takahiko UCHIDE, Dr.
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Research Institute of Earthquake and Volcano Geology,
Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ),
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

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