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Started: 2010-01-05 01:27:13
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Maria Silveira
2010-01-05 01:27:13
Dear all,

I need to plot several times the same recordsection (with ~250 files, and
using SSS) in the following way:

Need to make a cycle were

1) The first trace is red (for example) and all the other ones stay black
Then I make the decision f I want to delete it or not

2) The second trace is red and all the other ones stay black
Similarly I make the decision

3) The third trace is red and all the other ones stay black


I know everything else (decisions, SSS, etc), the only part is the color part.
I have already used color increment option, but with less files and I didn't
need to specify the colors like that.

The point here is in order to better do the decision I would like to have all
the files plotted with a specific one enhanced.


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