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Save the REVISED dates, May 15-21, 2020! EarthScope Alaska Synthesis and the Canadian EON-ROSE initiative

Unfortunately, we have had to delay two workshops originally planned for August 2019. These two workshops now will be held in May 2020, with a 2-day field trip linking them. It will be possible to attend either one independently, but attending both and the field trip will be even better. Financial support will be available, with further information about application procedure to come.

May 15-16 (Fri-Sat) EarthScope Alaska Synthesis Workshop, Juneau Alaska
May 17-18 (Sun-Mon) Field trip, Juneau to Whitehorse via Haines and Kluane Lake
May 19-21 (Tue-Thu) EON-ROSE workshop, Whitehorse (YT, Canada)

The Alaska Synthesis workshop will aim to bring together researchers who have worked on studies related to EarthScope science goals in Alaska, to synthesize and integrate ideas and findings across disciplines. This workshop will be similar to the other EarthScope Synthesis Workshops (, which have been held on a variety of topics.

EON-ROSE (Earth-System Observing Network – Réseau d’Observation du Système terrestrE) is an initiative representing one possible model for driving Earth System Science to support sustainable development for our planet ( This pan-Canadian research collaboration, which aims to holistically examine Earth systems from the magnetosphere (the region of space that contains the earth’s magnetic field) deep into the mantle (the layer between the earth’s crust and its liquid molten core), is currently seeking additional collaborators. The intention is to start EON-ROSE with a focus on the Canadian Cordillera, and a deployment of a Canadian Cordillera Array (

The EON-ROSE workshop in Whitehorse will bring together scientists from a range of disciplines including seismology, geodesy, geology, space weather, critical zone studies, and more, in an effort to move the initiative forward and better define synergies between disciplines.

Organizing Committee
Jeff Freymueller
Rick Aster
Julie Elliott
Sarah Roeske
Katherine Boggs (for EON-ROSE)
EarthScope National Office
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
uaf-earthscope<at> <uaf-earthscope<at>>

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