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Started: 2019-05-24 15:18:38
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Beth Bartel
2019-05-24 15:18:38
Dear IRIS and UNAVCO communities,

Once again, UNAVCO and IRIS will be collaborating to produce a calendar
from the NSF geophysical facilities (GAGE & SAGE). The goal of the calendar
is to introduce and inspire, with a different theme each year and a
different topic each month.

This coming year's theme is "Seeing Our Earth," in celebration of the year

We have enjoyed featuring staff photos in the past and this year would like
to open up this opportunity to our broad communities. We have 12 months to
fill, with two images each! The images can be photographs, data
visualizations, or illustrations, and should represent the way we can use
geophysics to see (or understand) our planet in ways we couldn't with the
naked eye.

* an interferogram, tomography, lidar image, or map of seismicity
* a photo of a place for which our knowledge has advanced because of

* Image(s) must be high-resolution for printing: at least 300dpi and 8.5" x
* Please submit up to six images
* Include a caption for each image [we will work with you to simplify text
as needed]
* Send images to bartel<at> (geodesy) or dorr<at>
* Deadline for submission is Friday, June 14

Note that we produce the calendar for a public audience; *images must be
visually appealing* (dare we say stunning?) to be considered, in addition
to being scientifically interesting. If you have an image that you look at
and say "Wow! That's striking!" it's probably a good candidate.

Thank you! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Beth Bartel, UNAVCO & Perle Dorr, IRIS

Beth Bartel
Science Communication & Outreach Specialist
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80301

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