Thread: "POST" request form for irisws-sacpz

Started: 2019-05-30 08:52:10
Last activity: 2019-05-30 08:52:10
Sheila Peacock
2019-05-30 08:52:10

After receiving the newsletter about discontinuing support for full SEED
and rdseed I was testing the options provided in the article for obtaining
data and metadata. We are longstanding users of BREQ-FAST and SAC here at
Blacknest. I was pleased to get SAC-format data straight from the
server using POST with a file that looks a bit like a BREQ-FAST file,
but I couldn't get POST to work with the irisws-sacpz site to get the instrument
response in SAC PZ format. I got a set of SAC PZs from it by issuing a query from
my browser (but Firefox has a bug in its cacheing of previously-used URLs
that means you have to type the request in perfectly first time - has anyone else
complained of this?). I got the same PZs (and a lot more) using POST with the
station service (fdsnws/station/1) but in StationXML format, which is rather intractable.

I wondered if you have plans to make the irisws-sacpz site work with POST - ?


Sheila Peacock,

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