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Carlo Cauzzi
2019-06-15 14:23:29
Dear Colleagues,

the 2019 EPOS Seismology ( workshop will be held in Grenoble, France, on 7-10 October 2019, including the ORFEUS ( Annual Observatory Meeting and Workshop and the meeting of the EMSC ( General Assembly.

The workshop will take place at the campus of Université Grenoble Alpes, namely at the Institut des Sciences de la Terre (ISTerre) and at the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP). The venue is easily reachable by public transport from the city center: tram stop "Bibliothèque universitaire" on line B.

The workshop will focus on the following thematic areas:

- Big Data in Seismology
- Real-Time Seismological Data Products
- Data Quality, Availability, Accessibility
- Current and Future EPOS Seismology Services

The workshop will comprise oral, poster and demo / hands-on sessions.
The preliminary oral program is available at the following link [1].

The participation to the workshop is free of charge, including buffet lunches / breaks and a social event on Monday night.

The maximum number of participants is 120.
Please register by September 6 2019 at the following link:

Travel support will be granted by the Organising Committee to a limited number of qualifying participants.
Applications should be sent before July 13 2019 to orfeus_secretary<at><orfeus_secretary<at>>, including all the information listed at [2].

A list of reasonably priced hotels can be found here [3].

Looking forward to meeting many of you in Grenoble this fall!

The Organising Committee.


Email subject: “EPOS Seismology workshop 2019: request for financial support”

(Max. 1 A4 page, PDF format, support letters may be attached)

Name, Surname:
Short motivation (incl. current position, work description, poster title / topic)
Estimated budget and budget breakdown:



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